This Week’s Auction

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July 31, 2022: Please reference the photo numbers on our website when leaving absentee bids. Email bids to by 4 pm on Saturday, July 30th. Be sure to include a phone number in the event we need to follow up for clarity.

We will not begin the main barn auction until 1:30 at the earliest.


Painted blanket chest, console cabinet, store cabinet, sm counter top cabinets, 1- drw stands, maple desk, maple 4- drw chest, pine 4-drw chest, Martha Washington stand, Gov. Winthrop desk, dye cabinet drws, dry sink, 2/4 maple chest, server, blanket chest w/ drw, flatware cabinet, 2 tap tables w/ bread board ends, stack stands, 2 drw blanket box, 4-drw chest- mah, step back 2 drw cupboard, griffin cabinet (needs some love), MCM 9-drw low-chest, brass plant stand, MCM 6-drw chest w/ oval mirror, 8-drw maple chest, 2- barrister bookcases- oak, 3 drw painted pine chest w/ mirror, wardrobe, marble top kidney sewing stand, half-trunk, rotating bookcase, plant stands, grandfather clock, cases w/ drws, wicker fernery w/ arch, beds, chair table, 2 leather recliners, corner cupboard, hall bench, ornate panel (bed??), pair of glass block stands, GIANT mirror w/ great frame, 4 drw pine chest, stick & ball stand, MCM side stand, 2 drw stand, chairs, hi chairs, school desks, bar stools, kid’s chairs & rockers, racks, misc. trunks, drop-leaf tables, card tables, file drws, stools, chairs & rockers, cabinets, misc. 3 drw chests, misc. 4 & 5 drw chests, machinist’s chests, hall mirrors, stands & end tables, bedside stands, wire racks, shelves, bookcases, furniture lots


Swarovski crystals, Waterford stemware/clock/bird lot, Waterford glasses lot, Waterford Christmas ornament collection, pottery lot, coronation mugs/Goebel bird lot, stone & brass foo dog bottles, Tibetan wine pot, glass ship in blown bottle, butterfly cruet set, Murano swirl bowl, Murano iridescent bowl, paper weights lots, signed clear glass owl, pair of Cloisonné vases (w/box), etched clear perfume bottle, 2- pickle castors, Asian platter, cranberry pillow shaker, flow blue china pieces, Waterford glasses, Meissen bowl, Hummel figures lots, carnival glass, several Royal Doulton figures (balloon ladies, society ladies, fisherman), Lladro piper figure, enamel-painted cranberry relish, Spode plates lot, carnival bowl, art glass vases, Bristol vases, cut glass bowls, pottery vases, enameled glass vases & shakers, adv bottle lots, mixing bowls, colorful glass lots, colorful flasks lot, Asian bowls & vases, adv bottles, double-spout crockery bottle, misc milk & cream bottles, Pyrex lots, 2 gal crock w/ blue- Ballard, crocks & jugs, glass & china lots, crockery lots

Jewelry, Coins & Metals

14k onyx & diamond ring, 14k ring w/ diamonds, 2-14k diamond rings, 14k diamond cluster ring, 2- 10k diamond rings, 14k ring w/ green stone & sm diamond, 14k pearl ring, 14k/.585 opal & diamond ring, 10k men’s band, 14k wedding set w/ diamonds, 14k diamond & sapphire earrings & necklace set, 10k bracelet w/ green stones, several 14k chains, 14k heart necklace w/ diamonds, crown pin (tests 14k), 10k opal necklace, 10k lot w/ rings, & pendants (amethyst & diamonds, 10k & bone (?) Men’s jewelry lot, 14k & pearl earrings, 14k opal earrings, 14k & pearl earrings, jade jewelry lot w/ gold, 14k earrings, Waltham pocket watch w/ no crystal & brass works, Waltham 20yr pocket watch (runs), Waltham pocket watches, 14k Illinois 19J pocket watch (runs), Rockford pocket watch w/ brass works (runs-14k??), Elgin keyword pocket watch w/ coin case, 10k-GF Hamilton 21J pocket watch (runs), 10k GF 15J pocket watch w/ chain, 10k GF Longines pocket watch (runs), New England pocket watch (as is), Elgin pocket watch w/ crown & scale mark (runs), Waltham pocket watch (runs/ 14k??), 14k Waltham polished pocket watch (runs), sterling & turquoise jewelry lot, sterling lot w/ coral beads, pearl & topaz beads, pearls w/ 10k clasp, sterling riker lots, many pieces of sterling jewelry (necklaces, rings, earrings, sterling Vermeil earrings, Tiscot Sea Star wrist watch (runs), sterling & copper cuff bracelet (signed), cinnabar & jade jewelry lot, 14k cuff links lot, sterling Concho belt, 10k berries earrings, gold quill, 10k lapel pin, 3 Native American bracelets, 14k & blue spinel bracelet, Seiko chronograph auto wrist watch, sterling chains, .5 oz silver granules, religious jewelry lot,

Gotham sterling flatware lot (51 pcs), sterling hurricane lamps, .830 Nordiska demi-spoons set, sterling spoons lot, misc sterling flatware & handles lots, sterling dishes & sterling weighted pieces, sterling jewelry lots, watch lots, costume jewelry lots, combs lot, spectacles lots,

pewter & silver-plate lots, pickle & relish castors, pewter ink, large lot of buttons & misc buttons lots, aluminum-ware, mil medals & insignia, flatware sets, brass rack, brass lots, Bush medal of Merit, National Defense medals in boxes,

3 sets of Morgan silver dollars, 1992 Walking Liberty silver dollar, 4 Join the Union quarters w/ stamps, 4 rolls- Mercury dimes, Indian Head nickels lots, liberty nickels lot, several Indian Head pennies lots, Lincoln cents, Canadian cents, red seal dollar, blue seal silver dollar, fractional currency lot, $5 & $20 Confederate notes, several Buffalo nickels lots, V-nickels lots, misc coin lots, several foreign coins, wheat pennies

Clocks, Cameras & Lamps

Green slag paneled lamp, stag cuckoo clock, International oak time clock (working- an auction hall relic), brass lamps, auto light, slate lion mantle clock, Technics Quartz SL-Q303 turntable, regulator clock, vintage cameras- German/Kodak, etc., bridge lamp, Big Ben alarm clocks lot, Junkwang day & date wall clock, grandfather clock, green parlor lamp, new lighting & lighting lots, oil lamps and oil lamp lots, misc camera lots, Coleman lanterns, misc lanterns


Ornate gold frame, primitive sulky racing painting, 2- Bailey-like ship OOCs, dark lane OOC by Guertin (1913), RA Fox OOB of mountains over lake, carved song birds on branch, chickadee carved bird, Nutting print- birch trees (very bright), carved middle finger, carved horn, seaside cottage painting w/ cutout A&C frame, 2- ballet prints signed Von Munchhausen, fruit still life print- numbered, POC- pub scene, Lone Ranger comic, carved stork, carved ivory pcs, folk art OOC of house & hills, 2- Saint Bernard prints- signed, 2 fox hunt prints, mer-people watercolor- signed, OOC- Asian man, great Impressionist copy of street scene- signed, abstract painting signed Cochran- 1967, OOC-canoeing in Maine (?), OOC- Grammie in her Chair, bronze sculpture of Bacchus (dmg: lot his serpent :), bronze gentleman figure, 2 Beckwith etchings (double & triple), farmstead OOC, polo painting signed Duly, Eskimo carving, 4 Asian horsemen paintings, OOC- fireside gent by L Bate, Grandma Moses prints lot in folio, 2 art portfolio collections, framed advertising, Indian prints, floral OOC & watercolors, landscape watercolors, OOC- stork, Circus posters, Currier prints, framed portraits, Tony Tiger drawing, Eastwood posters, misc engravings & etchings, OOC & modern art pieces, misc prints & paintings, art lots

Paper & Advertising

Notes on Nursing book by Florence Nightengale, Coca-Cola scales (red), Henry Stanley’s In Darkest Africa 2-vol set (1890), large lot of scenic postcards sorted by state, greeting cards lot, Lionel/train paper lot, snapshots lots, Automobile Quarterly books lot, Yale paper lot w/ scrapbook, booklets, & photos, glass negatives lot, tintypes lots, ledgers lot, rolled NH maps, stamps and/or 1st day cover lots, Maine license plates, military band photo, Clicquot Club thermometer, 1726 Acts & Laws (NH) book, comics lots- newer & older, fire insurance cards, tins lots, NH & VT auto toppers, receipts lots, misc scrapbooks, trunk w/ Edsel car specs, Star Tobacco porcelain signs (2), Maine atlases, Smith & Wesson mat, Field Artillery Regs book, trade cards scrapbook, war stamps poster, postage stamp tintypes album, Lone Ranger framed comic, police academy photo, 1880 Bay of Biscay map, matches, 1833 Rockland, Maine map, Richards Homes round sign, Hot Rod magazines, framed Life magazine cover, Squaw Mountain poster, rooter sign, stereoviews, paper & photos, glass slides, Jimmy Carter signed White House letter, tobacco tins lots, oil tin lots, misc. beer advertising, kids’ books, book lots, advertising lots, oil & gas cans, tin & wdn signs, misc book & booklet lots, misc paper & postcard lots, photos lots, photo album w/ tintypes, old books lots, misc license plates, magazine lots, paper advertising lots


Violin w/ bow & case, 2- Fender guitars (one with case), Aria electric guitar, 2 ukuleles, Ancona accordion, Domino accordion, Judith accordion, Conn clarinet, Bundy clarinet, Holton (?) trumpet, wdn drums, snare drums, misc radios, record lots- LPs & 45s


Doll’s furniture, wooden sleds, racquets, Simon & Halbig doll, German Handerke doll, bob sled toy, drum, jointed bear, Steiff jointed bear, farm truck toy, train toys, Barbies lots & clothing, doll parts, marbles lots, carousel toy, Disney maché heads, Felix the Cat rubber car toy, theater pieces, Lionel illuminated station (6-34115) & illuminated terrace (6-34116), He Man toys, Star Trek toys, Matchbox cars, horses & wagon toy, Eskimo doll, doll’s cradle, tug boat toy, game systems- Play Station I & II w/ games, X-Box w/ games, Winchester roller skates w/ key, Peanuts lunch box, consoles & games lot, puzzles & games lots, rider toys, kid’s wagons, cars, cast cars, car & truck lots, dolls lots, speed boat toy, misc toy lots, wagons, rider toys, bikes


All auction mounts going up for auction this week: large elk mount, several nice buck mounts, fox full-body mount, fox head mount, steer horns, bear head mounts, bear paw mount, caribou mount & antlers, elk rack, moose racks, big-horn sheep mount, 3- sailfish mounts, 4- African deer mounts, Western capercaillie/auerhahn mount, trout mounts, misc fish/barracuda mounts, bobcat mount, coyote mount, wild cat head mount, (some birds can not/ will not be sold due to restrictions),

Great Tony Alexander trap- pattered 1887, transit, USMC knife, bone-handled knife, wooden carved decoys, green cedar canoe, red FG canoe, OB motors, hunting & folding knives, Kabar knife, rods & reels, fly rods, misc. decoys, ammo boxes, misc pack baskets, traps, HAH trap, many pairs of snowshoes, paddles & oars, antlers, wdn skis, leather holsters, belts, & cases, binoculars, pellet/BB guns & pistols,

Ammo: reloading equipment, misc shotgun ammo lot, 12 ga skeet load, mixed shotgun & rifle ammo lots, several gun stocks, holsters, gun parts lot, gun cleaning lots, Marbles cleaning kit,

Several mint United States Historical Society collector black powder commemorative pistols & knives in cases w/ certificates, receipts, and purchase correspondence: Sam Houston commemorative pistol, Robert E. Lee commemorative pistol, Buffalo Bill centennial pistol, Samuel Colt Texas Paterson pistol, Sam Houston’s bowie knife, John Singleton Mosby bowie knife, US Marshals bowie knife, Jim Bowie knife,

Riva Esterina FIE black powder pistol kit (1851 Navy Colt copy), Heritage Rough Rider .22 pistol, Smith & Wesson 5-shot 38 revolver, J Stevens SS 12 ga shotgun, JC Higgins/ Sears 583.23 12 ga shotgun, Stoeger ER Armantino Condor 20 ga shotgun, Remington 760 35 REM rifle, Marlin 25 22 SL/LR, Stevens 416 22 LR, Savage 99 .303 rifle, Argentine Mauser (Loewe Berlin) 1891 7.65 ARG rifle, Marlin 336 SC 35 REM rifle, British Enfield No5 MK1 (F) .303 rifle, Savage 1895 .303 rifle


Red rm sized rug, great room-sized Asian rug (needs love), 45-star flag, 48-star flags, misc flags, Marine Corps sham, Third Reich U-boat cap, Indian rugs/mats, nice homespun coverlets, Indian baby mocs lot w/ mini snow shoes & basket, top hat, quilts, patches, 1841 sampler, 1891 sampler, sewing lots, sewing machines, Featherweight sewing machine, Singer sewing machines, boots, designer purses, Asian runner, wool/felt penny rug, Asian area rugs,  Louis Vuitton garment bag (like new), crazy quilt, US flag, blankets, very groovy “hippie” patched jeans, hats boxes,  area rugs, Scout pack, etc, contemporary & vintage clothing, leather jackets, many fur coats & capes, linen & clothing lots

Tools, Building, & Farm Equipment

Several generators: Black Max, etc., Yard Machine push mower 155cc/22”, Honda garden tiller GX 22 25/ 4-stroke, Toro Powerlite electric start push snowblower- 16”, Murray push mower- 125 cc,

wheels, chrome Fusion rims, new in box water heater, Winchester off-set wrench, 2 Winchester planes, Winchester flashlights lot, Griswold meat grinder, truck tool box, hooks, antique touring car tires, trailer tire, iron stands, GI cans, plastic trash bins, many adv boxes, lobster trap, rope, tractor seat, door track, Home Atlantic wood stove, spot light, iron bells, barrels & kegs, ice saws, block pulleys, wagon wheels (iron), ramps, columns, arch, wagon seats, dog crate, wooden tool chests, several air compressors, pigeon holes, metal drawers, cast iron tub, wooden cart, iron tools, tools lots, router bits, lg adjustable wrenches, misc sinks, rope, gas cans, tool carriers, galvanized cans & tubs & waterers, jacks & stands, step ladders, milk & cream cans, tools & boxes, pine door, fire tools, axes & hatchets, hand tools, saws, mitre/chop saws, hammers, drw shaves, sewing machine treadle bases, grinders, vises, chain saws, HAH traps, rolling tool bench, electric saws, planes, bits, battery tools, hardware, picks, chisels, hand tools, scythes, forks


1988 Honda XR 200R dirtbike, Tomos-Koper Sport 2-speed auto moped,

Crescent (VT) coffee grinder w/ red paint/flowers (lg), train bell, scales w/ brass pans, folding tables, white flea market canopy, lawn ornaments, bronze platter, Amazon kindle, wooden game boards, Indian snowshoes, wooden mortar & pestles, lg dough bowl, turned wooden bowl, many misc wooden bowls & chargers, Rolls Royce brass battery box, tea tin, several nice baskets w/ handles, painted pantry boxes w/ bails, Griswold pans & skillets, Wagner pans, brass bowl, brass jar, Chinese line-level, vending machines, bird cages, dog boot scraper, dutch oven, panty boxes, telephone wall sign, military pouch- 1889, measures, very clean Singer featherweight sewing machine w/ case (no bobbin), brass duck bookends, typewriters: LC Smith & Corona, oak phone boxes lot, misc Singer sewing machines, weather station, copper and brass pails, kettles, hods, phone, iron bell, military helmet, misc. cast iron skillets & pans, iron door stops, typewriters, fans, planters, andirons, agate ware, muffin pans, housewares lots, baskets, Longaberger baskets, lighters, firkins, kitchenware lots, misc table lots,


New list is uploaded by 6 pm on Wednesdays.



Open April-December with auctions every Sunday throughout the season.

Mon: 8 a.m. – Noon, 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. for drop-off w/ appointment.

Tue:  8 a.m. – Noon, 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. for drop-off w/ appointment.

Wed: 8 a.m. – 10 a.m. by appointment only for pick up & preview.

Thur: Closed

Fri: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. for pick up & preview.

Sat: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. for pick up & preview.

Sun: Auction Day! Dawn – Done

An appointment is necessary to drop off consignments.

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