Maine Antique Auction and more!

Since 1970 Houston-Brooks Auctioneers has hosted a Maine Antique Auction with antiques and more from Maine and beyond.

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See you in the Spring!

The last sale for 2020 was on October 25th. If you need to pick up your items, please call to set up an appointment.

We sincerely thank all of you for your patience and flexibility this year. Operations ran smoother than we dared hope. We look forward to returning in the spring; although, continued COVID-19 restrictions might mean a little later start for us than usual.

Currently, we are planning to reassess in mid-April to plan a May re-opening when the weather is more hospitable to outdoor sales. Watch the website, Facebook, and Mother Nature for updates.


Be sure to bring an updated tax ID number if yours has expired!!


Here is an overview of what to expect for our COVID-19 “new normal.”

According to the governor’s mandate, there will be a mask requirement to be inside buildings. We are also planning to hold the entire sale outdoors and utilize the large space that we have at our disposal to meet social distancing guidelines. Even outside, group sizes are limited and spacing is a must to remain in compliance.


  • We will still structure our three-part sales as usual: Outside Items first, Lower Barn Items second, Upper Barn Items third.
  • These three sub-sales will run consecutively beginning at 7 am (as usual).
  • All three sales will we held outside, using the parking lots and lawn areas for crowd seating and the lower barn and outdoor areas to display items for sale.
  • We will provide seating and SOME protection from the weather (tents and beach umbrellas w/stands).


  • Face coverings MUST be worn inside any building. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Please arrive with one.
  • Buildings will have maximum occupancy limits posted and enforced.
  • There will be ways to access all services outdoors.
  • Social distancing is required everywhere. Any time patrons can’t stay 6 ft apart outdoors, a face covering should be worn.
  • Spider gallery and tree-line items will be sold as whole lots as they sit. Pull-outs need to be identified by 4 pm on Saturday. Thus, workers will separate the usual pull-out items from the larger piles during the week. Bidders can request items be pulled from piles BEFORE 4 pm on Saturday. Bidders will be able to view photos of the piles as they sell, but we will not be in the areas during the auction.
  • Pre-viewing will be more controlled and must be accomplished BEFORE SUNDAY AT 6:45 AM. No previewing for any items will occur during any auction to allow the crew freedom to safely work within the buildings/areas.
  • Notice that we have altered our open times so that we have time to process and organize more effectively and previewing is more flexible. This will be altered if/as needed.
  • There will be short, 30-minute breaks between the three sales to accommodate A FEW last-minute peeks at items for sale next and to clear out areas for the remaining parts of the auction.
  • There will be NO PARKING in the paved lot near the buildings. A one-way thru-way will remain to allow short-term pick-up of items. The edge of the upper paved lot will also be roped off for seating. Patrons can still park in the other usual areas.
  • The upper barn will have no items for sale EXCEPT firearms (for preview) and large rugs (on the stage). The firearms will be brought outside to sell on Sunday.
  • Patrons will get bidder numbers and pay in the upper barn at the usual office window (w/Andy), and masks are required inside this building at all times.
  • Limited check-in and check-out will be offered outside before the sales and during breaks only (w/ Kim- no card reader).
  • The upper barn will have a few spaced seats and monitors showing the sales for those who wish to remain indoors to wait for a later sale or item or the crowd to disperse.
  • Restrooms will be open indoors and portable options will be outdoors.
  • We have two outdoor sinks (cold water and soap) for handwashing.
  • We will have sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and safety gear available.
  • The kitchen WILL NOT BE FULL SERVICE for awhile. Limited drinks and snacks will be for sale. Patrons are encouraged to bring their own food and drink for a while.
  • Commissions and buyer’s premium have not changed; however, the cash discount for purchases is only applicable to bills that are paid in full the day of the sale, or by the following Friday if bidding absentee.


  • If you have health concerns or are overly nervous about the spread of COVID, please bid absentee. We are happy to help you do this.
  • If you are opposed to wearing a mask or social distancing, please bid absentee. We are happy to help you do this.
  • If we wish to remain open, we must follow certain protocols. Patience and flexibility will ensure that we can remain open. We have a very diverse customer base, so we must be mindful and tolerant of diverse needs.
  • Safety will be the first concern; profits will be second; convenience, third.

As usual, photos and videos of the items up for sale on August 16th will be posted here on Wednesday, August 12th.


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SUNDAY:  6AM (preview begins; auction starts at 7AM) TO DONE (USUALLY AROUND 5 OR 6PM!)

Come spend a Sunday with us. We offer about 1,000 items every Sunday. Our ever-changing selection includes:

    • antique furniture
    • gold and silver
    • advertising
    • firearms
    • art
    • glassware
    • china
    • ephemera
    • signs
    • costume jewelry
    • hollowware
    • flatware
    • tools
    • toys
    • gently used items
    • and more!

You never know what you’ll find at this fast-moving Maine Antique Auction.

A premier Maine Antique Auction for more than 45 years

Buy something interesting.

Our weekly auctions have been a community event for more than 45 years. No two auctions are the same. Come out and see what we have to offer.

Sell or consign your items

We buy and sell auction items up and down the east coast. Consign one item or a houseful. We’ll even pick up large lots for a reasonable fee.

Between 50 and 100 consigners bring goods from Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and all over Maine.

With competitive commission rates and a track record of successful auctions, you can’t go wrong with Houston-Brooks.

About Houston-Brooks

A family-run business for more than 45 years, Houston-Brooks was founded and built by my grandfather, Everet “Junior” Houston. He bought the old grange hall in 1970 and built it into the auction house it is today. Since Junior’s day, we’ve added on a second barn for extra storage and indoor plumbing for convenience.

Dan and Pam carried on his legacy by hosting country auctions with quality items, building the business to what it is currently. Recently, Kim and Andy have taken over operations, with Shane, Ryan, Mike, Cal, Alan, and the rest of the crew still providing that same country auction excitement. You know you’ll still find Dan overseeing his legacy, and Pam and Ron are back from their winter sojourn for consultations. Our reputation speaks for itself. We are a member of the Maine Auctioneers Association. Come see what all the fuss is about at our next auction.

The Bangor Daily News did a story about us! Read it here.


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Maine Antique Auction and more!

Address: 22 South Horseback Road, PO Box 99, Burnham, Maine, 04922